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Concrete Batch Plant Archive: Contested Case Hearing Request Sample

In the event that TCEQ issues the air permit (allowing Tex-Mix to construct the concrete plant as stated in the Tex-Mix permit) we will use a "contested case hearing" to attempt to get the permit overturned.  It is important you  file a contested case hearing request NOW (by Saturday 8/24/2013) so that TCEQ will be able to properly gauge the public opposition to the concrete plant.

In addition to potentially overturning the TCEQ permit ruling, a contested case hearing will delay the construction of the concrete plant further.  Delay is the most effective weapon we have.  Delays increase the likely hood that Tex-Mix will locate a site that is more appropriate to the industrial application they have applied for, and will build the plant there instead.  (The sale of the current location to Tex-Mix is contingent upon Tex-Mix receiving the air permit from TCEQ.)

Your contested case hearing request should be submitted in addition to your questions as discussed at Help With TCEQ Question.

Click the following link to download a sample contested case hearing letter.  Download this letter, modify as necessary to represent your position on the proposed concrete plant, and then submit it to TCEQ as your personal request for contested case hearing.  You submit your contested case hearing request by attaching it to a comment/question you submit to the TCEQ website per "Post a Question".

Contest Case Hearing Request Sample

Right-click on the icon below and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As.." depending upon the menu contents that appear.

Download ContestedCaseHearingLetter.docx