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X - Stop The Concrete Plant

Attend the TCEQ meeting!

TCEQ has approved the permit for the Tex-Mix plant.  

In response, we have requested a Contest Case Hearing.  TCEQ will decide at a public meeting on June 4th whether they grant it.

It is a public meeting, anyone can attend, but this is not a public meeting of the form held in June 2013 where we all got to voice our comments.  TCEQ will not take oral arguments or additional comments at the meeting June 4, but one of the Neighbors of Spring Branch leaders will make a brief statement representing all of us.  

There is no expectation that you say or do anything beyond showing up and wearing your "Stop the Cement Plant" t-shirt.  If you need a t-shirt, click here to contact Becky . We will also bring them in assorted sizes so that you can get one as you enter the meeting room.  

If you need a ride to the meeting click here and tell us.

Meeting details
June 4, 2014
9:30 AM
TCEQ Offices
Room 201S, Building E
12100 Park 35 Circle
Austin TX

  1. IH-35 north from downtown Austin, staying on the interstate past 290
  2. Take the West Parmer Lane exit
  3. Go  SOUTH on IH-35 frontage road for about 1/4 mile to TCEQ's complex at 12,100 Park 35 Circle, Austin, 78753.  (Note: There is also a TCEQ Austin Regional office.  DO NOT GO THERE!)
  4. Take an elevator up to the second floor to the Commissioner's conference room.  Agenda's printouts will be available. 
  5. After exiting the elevator, take three right turns and go thru a room where they will ask if you wish to sign up and speak before you enter the main conf room.
  6. You will need to find parking around the spread out campus on ground level parking lots.  The garages are for employees.

TCEQ issued a May 9, 2014 response (click here to download) to our request for reconsideration, and our request for a Contested Case Hearing, which necessitated this June 4th meeting.  It is a long response, but the bottom line is:
  1. All requests for reconsideration were denied.
  2. The Gass are affected persons (in the legal sense) eligible to be considered for a Contested Case Hearing.
  3. The Neighbors of Spring Branch is an affected person eligible to be considered for a Contested Case Hearing.

The threat

Tex-Mix has applied to build a 24-hour concrete batch plant on approximately 30 acres in Spring Branch, on 281, ½ mile south of Rebecca Creek Rd. (just south of Beefy’s on the Green)


Potential Problems

  • Increased breathing problems from particulates
  • Pre-Dawn and Daytime Noise
    • Backup safety beepers (trucks and front-end loaders)
    • Filling & emptying silos & hoppers
    • Jake brakes (arriving aggregate trucks)
  • Reduced residential property values
  • Beginning of an industrial zone
  • Slow moving heavy trucks exiting & entering 281
    • Aggregate in, ready-mix out
  • Large trucks staged along 281
  • Mud & dirt tracked onto 281
    • Slippery when wet
  • Destroy favorable endangered species habitats
    • Golden-cheeked warbler
    • Black-capped Vireo
  • Increased vehicle paint & windshield damage from gravel
  • Industrial water consumption
  • All-night security and yard lights

“This doesn’t affect me”… Think again!

There is no water control in Comal county, and the permit that Tex-Mix filed with TCEQ indicates they can use up to 9,000 gallons of water every hour.  That is equivalent to a 10 ft x 20 ft swimming pool every hour, or 25 neighbors each running a water hose at full flow.

This noisy, dusty blight opens the door to other intrusive industrial development that affects our neighborhood, our way of life, and the Hill Country. Spring Branch is unincorporated, and un-zoned. If Tex-Mix is allowed to trample on the quality of life and value of the immediate neighborhood homes, a dangerous precedence is set that could spread throughout Spring Branch.

Your Hill Country is not an appropriate site for a concrete batch plant.