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Concrete Batch Plant Archive: FOIA / Open Records Request


This is an example request for some additional data relative to one of the compliance reports.  (One of the compliance reports cited Tex-Mix for being above limit on a parameter in Jan 2013 at the San Marcos plant, but the report did not say which parameter or by how much.)

When you submit a request for Open Record Report, start by going to http://www2.tceq.texas.gov/pircs/index.cfm  You should see a screen like:

Click on “New Request”.  You should see a screen like:

The above screen shot shows the values I entered for each field.  

Click “Next Page” and you should see a screen like:

Enter the values above for “RN”, “CN” and the form should automatically populate “Facility Name” and “CN Name” verifying that you entered RN and CN correctly.  I chose “Air New Source Permits” because that seemed to be what “AIRNSR” on the TCEQ permit from Tex-Mix most likely stood for.  Then click the “Add” button, and the following should appear on the screen below the “Add Site /Facility” area:

Then fill in something like the following for the “Area Description” (I realize I got the Hwy number wrong, but I corrected it before I submitted the request):

Now click “Next Page” and you should see a screen that contains the following fields:

Enter data relative to your request and then click “Submit”.

A verification screen will appear giving you the opportunity to edit any of the three screens before you click on “Submit” again.  

You will get an email confirmation.

Submit requests for the all the data relative to the questions you have.  I recommend you submit one question per request.