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Contested Case Hearing


The Preliminary Hearing (leading to a Contested Case Hearing) was held August 5 in New Braunfels as specified by the announcement below.  Only Emery and Annette Gass were identified as "affected parties".  None of the other people who are impacted by this Tex-Mix Concrete Batch Plant were accepted.  Six parties who appealed at the Prelim Hearing for Affected Party status were rejected and two parties did not show to request affected party status.  Four of these parties were "walk-ons".

The Contested Case Hearing (CCH) trial is set for Oct 7-8 in Austin.

The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) presiding over the CCH will issue his "Proposal For Decision" Jan 16, 2015 to the TCEQ Commissioners for them to decide whether the Air Permit gets issued.


Announcement of Preliminary Hearing for the Contested Case Hearing: