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Incorporation discussion with Paula Stakes

December 9, 2013


Attendees:  Bill and Kris Wessale.


Paula was the mayor of Live Oak (intersection of 1604 and I35) and on the city council. She is currently on the Bulverde / Spring Branch Economic Development Foundation (BSBEDF) and employed at Broadway Bank.  She was on the group that developed the BSBEDF Strategic Plan (which has loads of demographic data relative to the Bulverde and Spring Branch zip codes).


Paula encourages incorporation.  She thinks this is the best way to control land use and development.  She also thinks that once we incorporate the 78070 zip code, we have a better chance of merging with Bulverde.  Bulverde was formed quickly to block annexation by San Antonio as 4 separate cities and then merged the 4 cities into one. 


Live Oak is a small city (4.7 sq mi, population 14200) and it was her experience that it was difficult to find people who were willing to be mayor or to run for city council. 


Paula recommends the following incorporation process:


  1. Meet with the HOA presidents (preferably in one meeting) to sense overall support and request they determine how many people are in their HOA.
  2. Determine each HOA’s position on incorporation.
  3. Verify that the collection of HOAs in favor of incorporation meet the state requirements for incorporation (contiguous, population density). 
  4. Meet with an attorney, the HOA presidents, and the Bulverde City Manager (since he is action oriented, was raised here).  Unfortunately, he did not go through the Bulverde incorporation.  One or more Bulverde councilmen could also be helpful since some of them went through the Bulverde incorporation
  5. Create a charter (look on-line at other Texas city charters to get candidate material for a draft, such as Live Oak City Charter)
  6. Get the state legislature’s approval
  7. Hold an election.


We can begin now determining the population density required by the state and researching 2010 census data to perform a “sanity check” of probable densities.


She has sensed little resistance to incorporating the 78070 zipcode.


Other incorporation items:

  • The current Bulverde City Manager came here from being an Assistant City Manager.   Bulverde also has a Mayor (elected), and 5 councilmen (elected).
  • Paula claims the BSBEDF can keep Tex-Mix in check, but they would have to do it through harassment since they have no legal means.
  • The Singing Hills is a 300 acre development planned for the NW corner of 281 and 46, and will include a Wal-Mart, another large store (which we didn’t get the name of), an apartment complex, and 300 homes.  The apartment complex is being planned by Palladium group to target the salary range for this area.
  • Business and commercial development is expected to occur along US 281 between FM 1863 and the Guadalupe.  During the next 10-15 years only residential development is expected north of the Guadalupe.
  • There are two positions open on the BSBEDF for residents.  Other positions require paying a fee, but these positions do not.