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Concrete Batch Plant Archive: Letter Writing Campaign


We are launching a letter writing campaign to make TCEQ, Tex-Mix, our politicians, and the media aware of this potential intrusion.  Only a handful of people from TCEQ and Tex-Mix have actually seen the proposed property and understand that our concern is valid.  We need to correct that condition.

We will be posting a draft letter, written to TCEQ, that you can down load and edit to reword it to your voice or to add your specific concerns.  It's important that all the letter sent have a similar "branding" so that the people they are sent to recognize we are all addressing the same problem.  But it's important that each person personalize the letter so that the people we send it to recognize the topic is too important to address with a form letter.  While quantity of letters is important, quality of message (sincerity) in each letter is just as important. 

This is a link to the TCEQ Mission Statement.  This can be referenced in your letters. 

For example, the Mission Statement says "consistent with sustainable economic development".  Does this mean TCEQ must find a legal way to grant an air permit that has been requested, or does it mean that an air permit should not be granted if the economc value of surrounding property is harmed , or if alternate locations cause less economic harm?  Alternate locations should not be evaluated only by the impact to the proposed business case.  TCEQ should balance the economic impact of a location to citizens as well as business.

As another example, the Agency Philosophy says, "meaningful public participation in the decision-making process."  Isn't over 200 opposing comments on the TCEQ website to an Air Permit meaningful public participation that should be considered?

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Wessale's letter to TCEQ