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Meeting Minutes: January 6, 2014


A meeting of the Neighbors of Spring Branch was held at the Bulverde/Spring Branch Public Library at 131 Bulverde Crossing Boulevard, 6:30 p.m., Monday, January 6, 2014.

Present: Dr. Sidney Atkinson, President; Becky Atkinson; Sandra Whitehead, Secretary; John Bianchi; Robert Birge; Robert Butler; Jen Crownover; Lenny Rogers; Scott Southers; Paula Stakes; Trudy Thomas

President Atkinson opened the meeting and asked for approval of December 2, 2013 Minutes. John Bianchi made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Trudy Thomas. Motion was approved.

President Atkinson briefly reviewed the up-to-date data regarding our fight to block the Tex-Mix Concrete Batch Plant and emphasized the need for all of us to continue our concerted effort to bring this issue to the attention of not only everyone in our immediate and surrounding areas, but it is equally vital that we continue our contact of our politicians in Austin, as numbers do make a significant difference to our politicians. We need to bombard them with cards and letters to enlist their help in this issue. At a later date, (to be announced), we will rally to visit our leaders in Austin.

People may need to be alerted or reminded of the negative impact of the concrete batch plant on our community as we are all involved in this effort to keep the air in our community free of the concrete contaminants (chromium fluoride) that affect anyone with breathing problems; 24/7 operational noise; possible water depletion; and the end of our Hill Country peace and quiet that most of us moved here to enjoy. Note: It is estimated that our county will double within the next 10 years and approximately 5,000 homes will be added in the next 5 years.

Tex-Mix has completed its purchase of the 33 acre tract located about ½ mile south of Rebecca Creek Road and regardless of offers to move elsewhere, it appears they are not interested in doing so. Again, our hope is in appealing to the court of public opinion for support. Current Texas laws do not protect citizens in unincorporated areas, thus putting commercial businesses above the health and welfare of its citizens.

Our public awareness strategies include:

1 - Signs to alert everyone to our plight to stop the concrete batch plant. Jan Crownover, who is running for Comal County Commissioner Precinct 4, made several helpful suggestions to assist us. She suggested we get our banners out soon and that 4 x 8 corrugated signs are cost effective and could be moved about as needed. President Atkinson also acknowledged the many helpful suggestions Bill Archer made will help us get our plans underway.

2 - Rallies
in large numbers from our community where we will provide cards and letters and assist neighbors sending them to our government leaders.  This will ensure our politicians recognize that this is a very serious matter to each of us, and remind our politicians that we are their constituents.
  • Our 1st rally meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 9, 2014, 2:00-4:00 p.m. at Beefy's on the Green, 12910 US Hwy 281 North (& Rebecca Creek Road). All interested parties are invited to participate, gather and share information and show their support for this cause. Your participation and input is appreciated.  Our goal is to get each Home Owner's Association (HOA) in the area to send a representative.  Local HOAs can in turn alert their members to the threat of the concrete batch plant. Included HOAs are: Indian Hills, Comal Hills, Spring Branch Meadows, Stallion Estates, Leaning Oaks, Coyote Ridge, Serenity Oaks.
  • A 2nd rally meeting open to the public will be held (date to be announced) at GVTC Auditorium to accommodate large crowds.  We plan on another mail-out, facilitated by HOA deliveries, to announce this rally.
3 - Info tables and booths at various (TBD) locations on weekends.  We will needs volutners to staff these tables, had out information, and sell t-shirts.

President Atkinson stated that to-date, we have spent about $10,000 for legal fees, mail-outs, and etc. Each mail-out cost is about $800.00. Fund raisers will be held to cover the costs of this campaign.

Our next regular meeting, will be held at the Spring Branch/Bulverde Library, (date to be announced).

There being no further business, President Atkinson closed the meeting at 7:40 p.m.