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Meeting minutes: August 5, 2013


The meeting of Concerned Citizens of Spring Branch (CCSB) was held at the EMS Station at 353 Rodeo Drive, on Monday, August 5, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Sidney Atkinson, President, Bill Wessale,Vice President, John Bianchi,Treasurer, Sandra Whitehead, Secretary, and numerous neighborhood associates.

President Atkinson introduced himself to everyone and invited each participant to introduce themselves to others in the room. He then requested approval of the July minutes. Motion was made by Charles Morgan, seconded by Bobbi Welch. Motion was approved.

Old Business: Dr. Atkinson then gave a short overview of this new organization's goal: "To help manage growth in our area and do so effectively." He outlined the interest and concerns expressed by residents of our numerous subdivisions, business owners, ranchers and farmers who object to having the proposed Tex-Mix concrete batch plant located in our quiet Hill Country, so close to our residential areas. Air quality issues are of great concern with its potential of affecting health problems for both human and wildlife. We will work as a group to support the Gass family, who is located within the required 440 yards for this proposed plant. Visual aids were used to show how close this proposed plant is to so many of our homes in the area. It was further noted that with so many acres of land along Hwy 281 currently for sale, we are in need of discussing the feasibility of incorporating ourselves into the city of Spring Branch. As a city, we can then govern growth with regard to all aspects of air, ground water conservation, etc. (The Sierra Club of Austin advises that incorporation is the only way we can control the direction of growth). President Atkinson then asked what course of action does this group want to pursue?

Preliminary cost of legal advice was discussed as well as advising that we may fight the concrete batch plant on the basis of air pollution and win, but they still may be awarded the permit since the environmental air control people have the power to overturn a "win" decision. To raise the necessary funds, any suggestions are welcome. The tee-shirt design featuring the chicken was selected, with our website to be added to the design. We will plan various fund raisers as soon as possible. In addition to a second mail out flier to area residents, we need banners, posters, tee-shirts, perhaps using locals such as Spring Branch Store for Saturday parking lot sales, donation jars, a margarita night at a restaurant, yard sales and bake sales, to name a few. Volunteers are always welcome.

Becky Atkinson reminded everyone that Tex-Mix filed their second public notice on July 25. We have 30 days to submit our questions/comments to (TCEQ) Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, www.tceq.state.tx.us/goto/comment. This is very important to our cause. Be sure to reference Tex-Mix permit number TECQ #109839. All interested parties

are encouraged to get their questions and comments on file no later than August 26, 2013.

New Business: We are most appreciative of Bill Wessale, who created a very impressive website for us (neighborsofspringbranch.org), which he demonstrated to the group. He requested that we all bring a laptop to our next meeting (wifi is available) and he will walk everyone through each of this website's features. Some of the website features will include the minutes of our meetings; a "Discussion Board" for questions and answers and any other pertinent data relating to our goals and an additional area especially designed for the user to type in any new topic of interest. To utilize this website, users must register the first time by logging in with your ID, agreeing to terms, filling out basic information, etc.

Name change: After additional discussion, Mike Garvin made a motion to change the name of our organization to reflect our new website, from Concerned Citizens of Spring Branch to Neighbors of Spring Branch (NSB), Becky Atkinson seconded this motion. Motion was approved.

Mike Garvin inquired about adding LLC to our organizational title and was advised that since we are a non-profit organization, attorneys stated that this would not be necessary.

Due to pressing business issues, John Bianchi resigned as Treasurer. His successor is expected to be named soon.

President Atkinson once again, requested member input as to what direction this group will wish to follow and reminded all of the need to set a time-line to accomplish these goals.

The next meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m., Monday August 12, 2013, at the old Spring Branch fire station behind the Spring Branch Store at 9996 FM 311.

There being no further business, motion was made by Robert Butler to close this meeting, seconded by Trudy Thomas. This meeting was closed at 8:34 p.m.