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This website (The Neighbors of Spring Branch) is NOT the City of Spring Branch.  The City of Spring Branch is a city that was incorporated on 11/3/2015. 

See Types of Cities for a summary of city types possible in Texas.

During the first half of 2015, we collected data on Tax-Free cities and a summary is available on the Tax Free Cities page.  Tax-Free cities are a possible means to gain land-use control without imposing additional bureaucracy or tax burden.  We were made aware of these cities by our Comal County Commissioner Jen Crownover.

Notes on City of Spring Branch Incorporation

The City of Spring Branch is a Type C city shaped like a Celtic cross, with the center more-or-less at the Knibbe store, extending north along 281 in a narrow corridor to 306, extending south along 281 in a narrow corridor to Rodeo Dr.,  extending east along 311 in a narrow corridor to the Guadalupe, and extending west along Old Spring Branch Rd in a narrow corridor from 281 to about the Knibbe ranch.  The city limits are shown on the cityofspringbranch.org website

The website shows a thick blue line that is labeled “1/2 mile Buffer”.  This is required by law and is what is called the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).

If you are in the ETJ, no other city may annex you, and the City of Spring Branch can only annex you if you agree.  You are still in an unincorporated part of the County, but you are protected from involuntary annexation.

If you are outside the ETJ, your situation has not changed as a result of the election. You might someday fall within the City of Spring Branch ETJ if they expand, or you might someday fall within the Bulverde ETJ as they expand, but even then you would still be in an unincorporated part of the County until you are annexed. BTW: Bulverde is large enough that if their ETJ expands to encompass you, they can involuntarily annex you. I doubt the City of Spring Branch will ever get large enough that they could annex you without your permission.

So how did the boundaries get set?  See Types of Cities.  The boundaries are set by the people that sign the petition requesting an incorporation election.

An interesting wrinkle from the City of Spring Branch city limits: The city limits pass thru many properties, but often do not encompass the entire property. Therefore, a business along 281, for example, could have its driveway (and maybe some parking lot) within the City of Spring Branch, but its building in unincorporated Comal County.