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Concrete Batch Plant Archive: Request Help from Perry & Dewhurst



It has become apparent that the TCEQ is the only means we have to block the concrete batch plant in our unincorporated part of Comal County.  Jan Kennady has done all she can (Thanks Jan!), but we have not seen any action beyond assurance from our Texas Senator or Congressman.  Apparently they are powerless.  This sounds crazy, but as far as we can tell, only the Governor can block the concrete batch plant.  The TCEQ Commissioners are appointed by the Governor, so they report to him, not us, and they are biased towards business, not residents.  Unless the Governor tells them to block a particular Air Permit, it likely will be awarded.

What to do...


You can send an email through their websites by clicking on their names below:

Governor Perry
Lt Governor Dewhurst

What to say...


Here is an example of what to say, but anything is fine.  Be sure to:

1 - Reference Air Permit 109839 for Tex-Mix concrete batch plant in Spring Branch on Highway 281 just south of Rebecca Creek.

2 - Point them to our website:  neighborsofspringbranch.org

Example wording:

We need your help.  We need you to tell your Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Commissioners to not approve TCEQ Permit ID 109839.

We are members of the NeighborsOfSpringBranch and we are trying to stop a Tex-Mix concrete batch plant from being built in our Spring Branch neighborhood on Highway 281 just south of Rebecca Creek Road. 

We have adhered to the TCEQ process over the last four months, attempting to block this concrete batch plant.  Residents have posted over 280 opposition comments on the TCEQ website.  We have completed the 2nd comment period and are awaiting the written responses.

We have kept our Texas Senator Dr. Donna Campbell, our Texas Congressman Mr. Doug Miller informed, but except for commiserating with us, we have not received any help that appears to be affective.  We have discovered that our Texas government doesn’t appear capable of protecting citizens property rights.

An original homestead family, who have been in this location for over 150 years, one member of which currently suffers from COPD, have already requested a Contested Case Hearing in case the Air Permit gets issued.

The TCEQ has a history of issuing Air Permits in spite of neighbor opposition and the health intrusion. 

Comal County Commissioner Jan Kennady has done all she can to help us, and she arranged for us to meet with Tex-Mix on Sept 16.  Unless the two realtors we have working with Tex-Mix find another more suitable location, we are afraid the plant will be built, trampling on the residents that are already neighbors.  Our property and retirement home is within a quarter mile of the proposed location. We have discovered our rural hill country quality of life is very vulnerable.

We got the chance to alert Lt Gov. Dewhurst to the problem and asked for assistance at a Tea Party Patriots meeting Sept 9th in New Braunfels.

More information about our struggle can be found at our website http://www.neighborsofspringbranch.org/

Please tell your TCEQ Commissioners to not approve Air Permit 109839.  We believe you must act before Nov 1.