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The Neighbors of Spring Branch TX is an organized group of residents dedicated to preserving the environmental quality of the Spring Branch Hill Country. The members work to keep the air clean, protect the water sources and quality, and protect wildlife and habitats.

This is *NOT* the City of Spring Branch which is at cityofspringbranch.org.  

Our current emphasis is to gain land use control preventing future intrusions such as the Tex-Mix concrete batch plant on US 281 just south of Rebecca Creek Rd, and the junk yard (labeled a Recycling Center) on US 281 at the entrance to Indian Hills.  Intense and lengthy efforts by the surrounding residents to stop these from infecting our residential neighborhood resulted in us learning that the County has no control over land use.  The Tex-Mix plant is being built.  The junk yard is still  there.  Without Deed Restrictions or being Incorporated, owners can do whatever they please with their land, even if it detracts from your use and enjoyment.  Frustrating.  

See our research and analysis of incorporation, including an explanation of how the City of Spring Branch boundaries were defined, and how those who live outside the boundaries are affected.

Join us!

Find out when and where we will have our next meeting.

Visit us on Facebook at "Neighbors Of Spring Branch"

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